Kickstarting your project#

Goal of this unit#

The goal of this unit is to define and develop your final project that solves something.

Class Materials#

Challenge-based learning framework#

The Challenge Learning Framework is divided into three interconnected phases: Engage, Investigate and Act.

Engage - Find a challenge that motivates you

  • Big ideas - What is the broad theme or concept I would like to explore ?
  • Essential questions - What are the essential questions that reflect personal interests and the needs of the community ?
  • Challenge - what is your call for action ?

Investigate - step on the shoulders of the giants not on their toes

  • Guiding questions - what are all the questions that needs to be answered in order to tackle the challenge ? Priority ?
  • Guiding activities/ressources - What resources can I use to answer those questions ? Science.
  • Analysis and synthesis - write a summary of your findings, facts and data collected

Act - Develop a solution, implement it and get feedback

  • Solution concepts - What is your solution about ?
  • Solution development - how do this solution solve the challenge ? Prototype and develop.
  • Implementation and evaluation - Experiment and evaluate the solution.

Additional advices#

  • Don’t use this framework linearly. Rapid prototype and make mini investigations. Fail quickly !
  • Spiral Management. Don’t try to save the world at your first try. Start with something small and expand from it (spiral).
  • One way to find a disruptive solution is to navigate back and forth from the concepts space to the knowledge space until you find THE solution ! (C-K theory)
  • Question the obvious !!! And learn about the illusion of explanatory depth. You can find sublime in the mundane !
  • Find and ask mentors !


  • Reflect, document and share your process on your final project page.