2. Computer-Aided Design (CAD)#

Goal of this unit#

In this unit, you will learn to

  • Learn about compliant mechanism and flexures
  • Evaluate and select 3D software
  • Demonstrate and describe processes used in modeling with 3D software
  • Learn about code licenses and how to use them.
  • build on other people’s code and give proper credits.

Before class#

Install 2D and 3D design CAD tools :

Watch :

Class materials#


  • Design, model, and document a parametric FlexLinks construction kit that you will fabricate next week using 3D printers.
  • Make it parametric, so you will be able to make adjustments accounting for the material properties and the machine characteristics.
  • Read about Creative Commons open-source Licence and add a CC license to your work.
  • Complete your FlexLinks kit that you made by fetching the code of at least 1 part made by another classmate during this week. Acknowledge its work. Modify its code and get the parts ready to print.