3DP4R - 3D Printing For Repair#

Goal of this unit#

In this unit, you will learn - The basics of repair for electrical appliances - the guidelines for creating a 3D printable version of a spare part needed to repair a product

Before class#

  • Find and bring in class a broken (portable) object that you want to repair.
    • the object should have a broken plastic part that you think is 3D printable
    • the plastic part should not be available on a design sharing platform like Thingiverse or Instructables. Check it ! (otherwise it’s too easy ;-) )

Class materials#


  • Disassemble your object to access the broken part and its related parts
  • Analyse the broken part of your object to define if it is suitable for 3D printing or not
  • (re)Design the part, using a CAD software, to fit the requirements and constraints of its new manufacturing method (3D printing)
  • Manufacture your part and post-process it
  • Test your part to evaluate its quality and performance
  • Put it back in the device, make it work and be proud !
  • Document your process with text and images on your website and include your original design files with an appropriate license.