Computer Controlled Machining#

Goal of this unit#

In this unit, you will

  • understand what is a CNC milling machine
  • learn how to use the CAM tool in Fusion 360 (setting-up and simulation)
  • learn to operate a CNC milling machine

Before class#

Class materials#

  • TBD


Day 1

  • Summarize the safety rules to be followed when using the CNC milling machine.
  • Summarize important steps that you need to set up the CNC milling machine and to mill a part
  • Assist to a demo

Day 2

  • Using a CAD tool, design a part that you would like to mill using the CNC. The part should take no longer than 15 minutes to be milled.
  • Prepare and simulate milling your part using a CAM tool.
  • Set up the CNC milling machine tool.
  • Mill your part !
  • Using text, screenshots and photos show how you did the job.
  • Show a hero shot of your milled part !