Electronic Prototyping#

Goal of this unit#

In this unit, you will learn to use a microcontroller development board to prototype electronic applications by programming it and using input and output devices.

Before class#

Install the Arduino IDE on your computer.

Class materials#

Examples and libraries

Get inspired:


Individual assignment :

DHT20 - Temperature & RH sensor

  • Read the sensor’s datasheet and identify relevant characteristics
  • Connect the sensor to your development board
  • Write a program to read data and send it to your computer over usb
  • Write a program to process data and display some information using the onboard LED

Group assignment :

  • Choose an advanced sensor you would like to learn about
  • Measure something: add the sensor to a development board and read it.
  • Read the datasheet of the sensor and explain how the physical property relates to the measured results.
  • (optional) Make your board do something : add an output device to a development board and program it to do something