Solution at the laser cutter#

We have had this model on Thingiverse designed by DrBioPhysics validated by the CHU Saint-Pierre hospital in Brussels.


  • Material
    • Plexiglas plate in 3 mm
    • transparent A4 sheet
  • Tools:
    • laser cutting machine
    • one drill + 3.2 mm drill bit.
  • Production time: 1 minute per mask

Manufacturing process#

Step 1 - Cutting out the structure#

Download the SVG files optimized for a 100x60cm plate below and cut them with the laser cutter.

Step 2 - Punch holes in the transparent A4 sheet of paper#

Inspired from this model on Thingiverse designed by LadyLibertyHK.

Using a drill and a 3.2 mm drill bit, drill holes in a stack of 10 transparent A4 sheets according to the following pattern.

Step 3 - Assemble#

the assembly is done at the hospital.

Authors and Acknowledgements#

Tutorial written by Denis Terwagne, (Frugal LAB & Fablab ULB, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium). Thanks to the whole team for your contribution and your pictures.